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College of Dairy Technology

The College of Dairy Technology was established at Raipur in the year 1983 under the jurisdiction of Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur. Due to bifurcation of the this university in year 1987 the college was transferred under the purview of Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur with all its assets and liabilities. In the year 1989, the MP Govt Dairy Plant situated in Raipur was handed over to the University for establishment of this College. This College is the only Institute of its kind among Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Jharkhand. This college is spread in area of approximately 12 acres. Presently, this college is being functioning under the jurisdiction of Dau Shri Vasudev Chandrakar Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya, Durg which is recently established on 11th April, 2012. This college has also been renamed as College of Dairy Technology, Raipur on October 26, 2012. The following departments are in vogue :

  1. Department of Dairy Technolog
  2. Department of Dairy Engineering
  3. Department of Dairy Microbiology
  4. Department of Dairy Chemistry
  5. Department of Dairy Business Management
  6. Department of Food Technology
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All these departments have excellent laboratory facilities and adequate infrastructure for the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research with facilities of Milk Testing Lab, Processing Hall, Food Processing Center, Dairy Engineering Workshop, Drawing Hall etc. College of Dairy Technology offers the following programmes of study:

  1. B. Tech. (dairy Technology) 4-year programme : The programme leading to the award of the B. Tech.        (Dairy Technology) degree is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills essential to a         dairy professional.
  2. M. Tech. : The postgraduate programme leading to the award of M. Tech. degree in Dairy Technology,    Dairy Engineering, and Dairy Microbiology is of two years duration
  3. PhD : Doctoral degree programme of three years duration is offered in Dairy Technology

RKVY Projects

S.No. Projects
1 Preparation of low cost nutritious drink for economically weaker section (EWS) to combat malnutrition
2 Formulation and process development for production of Aloe vera incorporated functional and therapeutic milk based food
3 Zero energy integrated small milk production-cum-processing plant
4 Development of long life peda by process modification and modified atmosphere packaging
5 Upgradation of milk and milk products testing laboratory ensuring hygiene & safety
6 Development & Strengening of dairy information research service (DRIS) laboratory

The following important Technologies were developed :

  • Instant Gulabjamun Mix.
  • Carrot Based Sterilized Milk Product.
  • Design of Solar Dryer for Drying of Khoa and Chhanna
  • Kheer using the scented varieties of Chhattisgarh rice.
  • Use of various coagulating and aromatic materials from plant origin for the preparation of different dairy             products.
  • Preparation Technique of Doda Burfi
  • Milk based junket from kutki flour
  • Chickpea based Paneer
  • Shelf life Extension of Khoa and Basundi
  • Whey based Fruit Beverages
  • Tikhur based Dairy Products
  • Software for its ready to use in dairy processing, formulation and calculation
  • Design of Village level Milk cooling system
  • Herbal Sterilized flavored drinks
  • Rural level packaging system for concentrated dairy products
  • Utilization of Solar Energy for heating of milk.

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